July 2015

OPERA DI ROMA A CARACALLA - “Madama Butterfly”

“Maestro Yves Abel offered a masterful performance of the work, very difficult to surpass. His experience as a conductor acclaimed in the most important theaters in the world gave us a genial lesson of vocal accompaniment: his arm breathed with the singers’
fiato in a total and mystic conjunction.
Yves Abel demonstrated an absolute comprehension of Puccini’s psychological and theatrical language as well, involving himself in all the scene rehearsals and explaining to every singer, with humility, the subtleties of the libretto in every single moment of the opera.
The total command of the agogic flexibility was another impressive quality demonstrated by Maestro Yves Abel: the superb control of rubato was particularly evident in the most critical and complicated movements in the opera, like the love scene at the end of the first act, that was simply sublime. On the other hand, the technical difficulty caused by the amplification with microphones was resolved splendidly by the conductor.”
Andreas Selander, Opera World, August 26th 2015

“Al suo debutto a Caracalla il direttore Yves Abel e’ riuscito a mantenere una buona tensione esecutiva, in sintonia con l’orchestra, sempre pronta e duttile nel seguirne le intensioni”
Luca della Libera, Il Messaggero, July 8th, 2015

“Attenta e molto partecipe la lettura di Yves Abel sul podio”
Andre Penna, Il Manofesto, July 22nd, 2015

“La direzione di Yves Abel e’ apparsa misurata e attenta alla vocalita’”
Elisabetta Tommasini, Left, 18th June, 2015